About Us

Hidden Athens” is a town guide written by people who live in Athens, visit its shops and places, and do not simply copy other texts. We keep record of our town’s nice places, especially  those concerning entertainment, and anything that impresses us. Our guide is aimed at tourists who want to witness the special parts of Athens (which they will not learn about through a tour guide), but also  at anyone who wants to get to know Athens a bit better, and learn beforehand whether a place has something special to offer, whether it is accessible to people with disabilities, whether they can take their dog with them, the prices, etc. We are not interested in writing negative reviews. If we do not like something, it is simply not worth mentioning in “Hidden Athens”. If you want to support us so we can continue to inform you, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook.

If you know a place that you think should be included in our site or if you have any comments, message us at: zoobus@hiddenathens.com Thank you for trusting us!