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Steve’s Deli Tavern

We heard some very nice words about a new place in the area of Metaxourgeio (bordering on Kerameikos) and didn't waste any time. “Steve's Deli Tavern” is an alternative spot which, combining various elements, creates its own unique character. This is obvious from the...

“Leylim Ley”

Leilem Lei Kurdish Turkish Food
Opposite the former Evelpidon Military Academy park (next to “Pedion Areos” park) there is another little hidden gem we discovered by chance. The Kurdish restaurant “Leilim Lei” can easily claim a position among the best of its kind. It is always kept very clean,...

“Pros Vrosin kai Posin” (To Eat & Drink)

The fish tavern “Pros Vrosin kai Posin” ("To Eat and Drink" in greek) is on the square at Poseidonos and Dios 1 in Metamorfosi. In 2000 Eleni took on the family business and together with the other two girls of the “team”...

MALANOS (Trogontas & Pinontas)

“Malanos” is a restaurant especially for (good quality) meat lovers. Konstantinos Malanos's endeavour started about 5 years ago, when he took on the task of transforming an old traditional cafe into a restaurant for those who appreciate good quality food. A difficult bet to...