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Koumbi coffee bar

You will find “Koumbi” in Ano Ilisia, next to Kiprou square.Why “Koumbi”? Well, mainly because of its friendly atmosphere, neat decoration and lighting, board games, snacks, cocktails, and pure drinks. Musical nights and tributes to different kinds of music are another asset of this...

Steve’s Deli Tavern

We heard some very nice words about a new place in the area of Metaxourgeio (bordering on Kerameikos) and didn't waste any time. “Steve's Deli Tavern” is an alternative spot which, combining various elements, creates its own unique character. This is obvious from the...


"Soulatso" is a small café-restaurant in Palaio Faliro. It is run by Teresa, who counts many years in the food and drink services, and who decided to "upgrade" the family business. In "Soulatso", apart from the usual drinks and beers, you can find homemade Krasomelo...


Akrovatis Athens
“Akrovatis” is a traditional café and tavern in the area of Agios Pavlos (Metaxourgeio). You will find it on the corner of 26 Psaron Street and Maizonos Street, at 200 meters from “Metaxourgeio” Metro Station. Lovers of the Cinema of Greece will notice the...


Mirovolos Metaxourgio
Mirovolos is in Avdi square, in Metaksourgeio, next to the Municipal Gallery of Athens. It is ideal for large groups and it is possible to make reservations. The chef behind the -really- great food is Aria Pavlou. There are many vegan options, while in...


Alogokrito is just a few meters before Varnava Square in Pagrati, on Ekali street, in a beautiful neoclassical detached house with a small yard. Its decoration –by the owners' hands– is unique, as it harmoniously combines retro and modern elements. The main menu offers...


Last March (2018), at 200 meters from Peristeri metro station, there appeared a wine bar called.. “Gigifioggos”. We were intrigued by the name alone and seeing as we were nearby we decided to visit it. Passing by, what wins you over right away is...


“Pinelia” is in Neo Iraklio, opposite the beautiful Agios Loukas square. We first noticed it in 2018, on the day of the “sardine feast”, full of people who were really enjoying themselves, and had kept it in mind. One year later we went to...

“Leylim Ley”

Leilem Lei Kurdish Turkish Food
Opposite the former Evelpidon Military Academy park (next to “Pedion Areos” park) there is another little hidden gem we discovered by chance. The Kurdish restaurant “Leilim Lei” can easily claim a position among the best of its kind. It is always kept very clean,...

“Pros Vrosin kai Posin” (To Eat & Drink)

The fish tavern “Pros Vrosin kai Posin” ("To Eat and Drink" in greek) is on the square at Poseidonos and Dios 1 in Metamorfosi. In 2000 Eleni took on the family business and together with the other two girls of the “team”...