MALANOS (Trogontas & Pinontas)

Malanos Trogontas & Pinontas

“Malanos” is a restaurant especially for (good quality) meat lovers. Konstantinos Malanos’s endeavour started about 5 years ago, when he took on the task of transforming an old traditional cafe into a restaurant for those who appreciate good quality food. A difficult bet to win, considering that the shop was neither on a central market road nor near any square. However, with great effort, persistence, and a consistent quality of goods and services, in less than a year Konstantinos and his team achieved the unachievable. Today, “Malanos” restaurant can comfortably stand among other big names of its kind. What especially  impressed us was the quality of his wine (which he bottles himself). The dish of the day, which we saw being served at most tables , was the “Railway” (Short Ribs Black Angus T-bone Steak). The appetisers we tried were grilled vegetables, chicken pie, and the authentic Cypriot Halloumi cheese, with its distinct taste. If if you frequent the area  and are a lover of this kind of quality, you should certainly visit it!

Address: Iolkou 2, Peristeri 12133, Athens
Tel.: 21 0573 2362  
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