Akrovatis Athens
Ακροβάτης Μεταξουργείο

“Akrovatis” is a traditional café and tavern in the area of Agios Pavlos (Metaxourgeio). You
will find it on the corner of 26 Psaron Street and Maizonos Street, at 200 meters from
“Metaxourgeio” Metro Station. Lovers of the Cinema of Greece will notice the photos from
the well-known movie “The Bad Man” (also known as “The Bakogatos”), something which is
not by accident, since “Akrovatis” is the familiar grocery store where the movie was filmed.
Its location –very close to the city center, but not as crowded as other spots– makes it an ideal place for breakfast and coffee as well. We tried and really liked: Brusketti, “Akrovatis”
salad, Penne with pork tenderloin, and homemade meatballs (keftedes).
Friendly service, traditional coffee on the ember, homemade food and tapas (mezedes) at good prices, in a beautiful place, and pet friendly.

Facebook Page here.
Tel.: 210 5230750