“Pinelia” is in Neo Iraklio, opposite the beautiful Agios Loukas square. We first noticed it in 2018, on the day of the “sardine feast”, full of people who were really enjoying themselves, and had kept it in mind. One year later we went to see what it’s like on a weekday.
What impressed us was something that we hadn’t seen for years in a shop that wasn’t in the center of Athens. As soon as we sat at a table they brought us a tray with all the appetisers (freshly made) to choose from and then order the main dishes.
Everything we tried on the spot and everything we ordered afterwards was truly delicious. “Mediterranean Cuisine” at its best. And in terms of quality, the meals are what we call “homemade”. It left us with the best impressions so we are definitely going back soon (sardines beware).
“Pinelia” opened in 2016 as a family business, by Zanina Karagiannopoulou and a good friend of hers. It’s her mother behind the recipes and the cooking. It also delivers to the neighbourhood, which it has also won over. Beautiful place, great food, pet friendly, near “N.Iraklio” Suburban Railway (Proastiakos) station, so you don’t have a lot of excuses. You should definitely visit it. And of course don’t miss the “sardine feast” (towards the end of September). Get in early!
Address: Irakliou 503 Ν. Iraklio
Tel.: 210 2824496