Cine Lila is one of the few remaining places that insist on reminding us of the beauty of an older Athens. For us “older” inhabitants of Kipseli (who used to go to “Kipselaki”, “Pigalle” etc) it was rather remote, but still a favourite destination. It opened in 1967 and today, 51 years later, it still maintains its old vibes and its friendly atmosphere. Enjoying movies in its green garden with the characteristic scent of jasmine and primrose is a uniquely pleasant getaway from the usual daily routine, and a lovely way of ending your day. It provides free Wi-Fi, a bar with the usual necessities, while there are basil plants on the tables – in case you were worried about mosquitos or similar visitors, and every Tuesday and Wednesday it has a 2 for 1 ticket deal. Do we need to say more? Visit it as soon as you get a chance.

Naxou 115, Ag.Loukas (St. Lucas), Patissia.
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Tel.: 2102016849